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The latest inclusion to the Microsoft Office family is Sway. Sway is a web-based presentation app, which was developed by Microsoft and is now available to users. On the first of October 2014, this was included as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft developed this app in order to help people create content faster so that they can easily come up with a wonderful presentation. As it is the initial stages, the beta version is available to the public on the basis of invitation. The features available with Sway is limited for the time being; hence people will not have much options in the way in which they can format and create presentations. Get to know more about Sway from Microsoft help line.

Sway is unique in the way it works. The good news is that recently Bing Search was included in Sway. This would help Sway collect the necessary information from Bing Search. Now, this is no way similar to the usual web image insertion. But, this is one of the methods, in which the software giant is trying to develop next generation tools. Here is how it works. When the user chooses a media, he or she will get a list of suggestions on a pane that slides in from the left. These search image topics are purely based on the content, which has been added to Sway. Users have the option to select one of the words from the list.
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Usually when we search for images it can be quite tricky, even if you find the right of the best quality, it necessarily be of the right size. There might be issues with the copyright. But when it comes to Sway along with the inclusion of Bing, the images that you get would be such that they are of the right size along with quality and pictures that are under Creative Commons licenses. The search result will have only those messages, which will not pose any copyright violation. While the search result is formulated in such a way, users also have an option to click on View All to see the rest of the images.

The words that top the list of suggestions are the ones that are the most accurate to the content. Words can either be picked from the list or it can be generated through machine learning. Microsoft help line says that users can get an invite to use the app through an invitation sent by Sway website.